Onsdag 11.10 //Kl. 19:30 - Storsalen


Mnozil brass er et verdensberømt østerrisk messingensemble, som spiller over 120 konserter årlig verden rundt. I 2017 kommer de endelig til Norge, og Harstad Kulturhus er ett av få stoppesteder på ferden. Det passer jo fint, siden både kulturhuset og Mnozil feirer 25års-jubileum i 2017. Stikkord for Mnozil Brass sine opptredener er spilleglede, latter, og vakker musikk selvsagt!

Varighet: 1t og 30 min
Arrangør: Mnozil Brass i samarbeid med Harstad Kulturhus

// Mer om forestillingen:
"Cirque" is the newest escapade of the seven Mnozil Brass players, who - plumbing the depths of their instruments as always - enter the ring to combat the monkey business of daily life with music and humour, transforming it into a nice, tidy flea circus if only for a few hours...

Come one! Come all! Listen and be amazed!
They are decisive adherents of the thesis that the earth is round. And in their twenty-four years they've made one discovery, especially at their legendary performances in the Rocky Mountains, Shibuya and Ühlingen-
Birkendorf: Again and again - even during the most heartfelt cantilena - the audience would unexpectedly burst into gales of laughter. The disconcerted musicians immediately took stock but could not explain the
reactions of these lost souls in the audience. Mnozil Brass assiduously go their own way, the seven men are on a mission with the firm intention of bringing it to
the people:

Folks, come and feast on our Elysian playing. But gosh darn it! The laughter did not diminish - it grew stronger, louder!!! You could barely hear your own tuba,
that's how loudly those folks out there brayed. And so the seven friends slowly realized that once in a while humanity is subject to hilarity which simply must burst forth. For almost a quarter of a century. At least with Mnozil Brass.
In summary: The earth is round. Humanity laughs. In a nutshell: The world is a circus. A Cirque, so to speak. Sounds better.